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Why is Regular Maintenance for an Air Conditioner in Appleton WI so Important?

Why is Regular Maintenance for an Air Conditioner in Appleton WI so Important?

Regardless of how new or state-of-the-art an air conditioning system may be, it will still require regular inspection and maintenance to run efficiently. This is because an Air Conditioner in Appleton Wi is made up of quite a few different parts and components, including fins, coils, and filters. Each part has to be working in proper order for the AC to function efficiently. If maintenance is neglected, a person will quickly discover the performance of the unit declines rapidly. This will result in higher energy costs, as well. Some of the parts of the system to maintain are found here.

Maintenance of the Filter

The easiest, most affordable and, in many cases, most important, maintenance task to perform for an Air Conditioner in Appleton Wi is changing or cleaning the filter. An old filter may become blocked, which will slow down the air flow that is necessary to create cool air. This may result in the dirt being carried into the evaporator coil, as well, which can result in even more damage to the AC unit.

Maintenance of the Coils

The condenser and evaporator coil of an AC unit will collect dirt as time passes. The accumulated dirt can reduce the ability of the coils to absorb heat. This is why the coils should be cleaned and checked yearly. One method of minimizing the amount of debris that finds it ways into the coils is to reduce the amount of debris and dirt close to the unit.

Maintenance of Fins

The aluminum fins that are found on a condenser or evaporator coil can become bent and wind up blocking the flow of air. One way to minimize this is with a fin comb. This is a service that can be provided by a professional if they are called for annual maintenance.

Taking the time to learn about when AC maintenance should be sought will pay off in the long run. Failure to do this can result in serious issues and an inefficient system. Keeping the tips here in mind will help ensure that the right services are done and that the system continues to operate efficiently year after year. More information about these services is available from the staff at Four Seasons Heating and Cooling Specialists Inc.