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3 Reasons to Check Your Indoor Air

3 Reasons to Check Your Indoor Air

You and your family likely spend a great deal of time inside your home working, playing and sharing life. Did you know that your house’s air may be carrying invisible hazards that are undetectable without professional help? Here are three reasons to check your indoor air quality in Narcoossee, FL.

Infectious Agents

At some point, your home will likely be infiltrated by unseen and unwanted invaders. Germs such as bacteria and viruses may make your family ill, especially during the winter months. These germs can be picked up nearly anywhere – at school or church, at the office, or even at a grocery store. If your home’s air tests positive for hazardous germs, consider investing in an air filter. An AC service such as Smith’s Air Conditioning can do indoor air quality testing and help you decide how best to rectify any problems.

Environmental Hazards

Does someone in your household have asthma, allergies or recurrent sinus and respiratory infections? Environmental hazards within your home may be contributing to the problem. Mold, pollen, dust and pet dander may all significantly worsen conditions such as asthma and sinus allergies. Air filtration can help mitigate the health risks.

Chemicals and Toxins

Certain kinds of hazardous chemicals and gases may make their way into your home without your notice. An inspection can detect even low levels of hazards such as pesticides or carbon monoxide. If your home’s air contains any of these elements, you will likely want to take action to help protect your family’s health.

Air Quality in Your Home

The air you breathe daily may have a profound effect on the quality of your health. If you have noticed strange smells or increased allergy symptoms, it may be time to check your indoor air quality in Narcoossee, FL. An expert can determine any problems with your air and help you decide how best to proceed.