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Signs That It’s Time to Replace Heat Pumps in Fort Wayne IN

Heat Pumps Fort Wayne IN can last ten years or more with proper maintenance. Over time, a heat pump will wear out and require frequent repairs, and at some point, the homeowner will need to consider replacement. Below are several reasons to replace a heat pump.

The Unit is More Than Ten Years Old

As a heat pump ages, it naturally loses some of its efficiency. Therefore, the heat pump an owner installed ten years ago isn’t as efficient as it was when it was new. Although well-maintained pumps can last longer than a decade, newer units are more energy efficient.

The Heat Pump Needs Frequent Repairs

When a homeowner calls for heat pump repairs several times per year, the system may have significant issues. Sometime in the future, it will completely break down and require replacement. Installing a new heat pump before the old one fails completely will reduce the time the family goes without heating and cooling.

Rising Energy Bills

If the family’s energy bills are going up but usage is staying the same, an old, inefficient heat pump may be to blame. As Heat Pumps Fort Wayne IN age, they inevitably lose efficiency, and most homeowners notice the loss as a rising utility bill. While a tune-up or inspection can help, at some point, replacement is the only way to reduce energy costs.

The Home is Cooling or Heating Unevenly

If some rooms are cold while others are hot, it may be that the heat pump is struggling. An HVAC contractor can determine whether the problem warrants a heat pump replacement, or if repairs will resolve the issue.

The Home Has Excessive Humidity

A heat pump naturally removes moisture from indoor air. When a homeowner begins to encounter noticeable humidity issues, it’s usually because the heat pump isn’t working correctly.

When a homeowner decides that it’s time to replace their heat pump, it’s important that they take time in finding the right unit and a reliable contractor to perform the installation. If a customer needs a new heat pump in the Fort Wayne area, they can count on Brockman Heating & Air Conditioning to get the job done. Visit the website to learn more or call today to schedule an estimate.