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Top Signs Air Conditioning Repair in Derby KS in Needed

Top Signs Air Conditioning Repair in Derby KS in Needed

The best thing a homeowner can do is to educate themselves on things that could go wrong with major appliances and signs that something is going wrong. With a central air conditioning unit, the average life is about 15-20 years. At some point during this time frame, the air condition will need a repair. It will most likely need more than one repair over the lifespan of it. How do you know when this major appliance needs to be repaired?

Unusual Smells in the Air

An air conditioning unit may overheat due to a problem with the motor. When this happens, there is a smell in the air that smells similar to wires burning. A damp smell indicates mold somewhere in the unit. This is usually detected right when the unit first comes on. Another smell that is common to an air conditioning problem is the smell of rotten eggs. This smell could be an indicator of a natural gas leak. This is a dangerous thing, and if this should happen, it is best to open all windows and doors int he home to let fresh air in.

Temperature Fluctuation

If the unit will not stay steady at a temperature, this can be a sign that Air Conditioning Repair in Derby KS is needed. The thermostat could need to be replaced, or even something as simple as batteries in the thermostat needs replacing. Another thing that could be wrong is there could be poor insulation. This can allow the rooms not to stay as cool because the cold air comes out through the ductwork. Leaks in the air conditioning unit is another common problem. If there is a leak, it will cause a problem with the air flow.

Water Accumulation

When water accumulates anywhere around the inf=door or outdoor unit, this is never a good thing. This could indicate a blocked drain line caused by dust or dirt. This could also be caused by build-up of the coils. If this is not caught quickly, it could lead to an expensive repair.

Some of these problems have DIY method to fix the problem whereas the others will be a professional to come out to fix. Kelley and Dawson Service are experts at air conditioning repair and are on call for Air Conditioning Repair in Derby KS. They can also answer any questions about an air conditioning unit needing to be repaired or replaced.