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Considerations When Purchasing AC Units

Considerations When Purchasing AC Units

Homeowners rely on AC Units to keep their homes comfortable during hot weather. Air conditioning systems are a significant investment and not one that homeowners want to make frequently. These considerations will help a homeowner make the wisest choice for a new system.

Choose the Proper Size

Correctly sizing an air conditioning system to a home is crucial to maintaining a comfortable temperature. Bigger is not always better when it comes to air conditioning units. A system that is too big will waste energy, and one that is too small will not be able to sufficiently cool the space. Do not guess when it comes to the needed size. The required unit size will depend on the square footage of the house, sizes of windows and doors, and the insulation that is present. A skilled technician can estimate the required size by inspecting the home to gauge these factors.


Cooling costs can account for 50% or more of total energy costs. Purchasing an energy-efficient unit will help keep those costs down. It is quite easy to find energy-efficient units today. Units will list their SEER rating. More efficient units will have a higher number. Currently, the government requires units to have a minimum SEER value of 13. Ratings between 14 and 22 will be considered efficient. Higher efficiency units will have a higher price tag on the front end, but a homeowner will need to factor in the reduced monthly utility costs to determine which unit will bring the most value.

Professional installation

Find a reputable HVAC company to install the system to ensure problem-free service. Look for a contractor who offers maintenance services to keep the unit in top shape. Most AC system warranties will require the unit to be installed by a professional, so protect your investment by keeping that warranty intact.

Ask neighbors or friends for the name of HVAC companies they recommend. Read customer reviews on sites such as Google or Angie’s List to find a contractor with excellent reviews. Call a few contractors to schedule an appointment for an installation estimate. For more information about AC Units or to schedule a free estimate, contact AA Temperature Services INC. You can also follow them on Twitter for latest news and update!