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Frequently Asked Questions of Technicians Who Provide Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance in San Marcos TX

Frequently Asked Questions of Technicians Who Provide Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance in San Marcos TX

When a technician arrives to do annual air conditioning unit maintenance in San Marcos TX, the customers can ask any questions that are on their minds about the central air equipment and the furnace. In fact, they may want to have the furnace cleaned and inspected during the same appointment if they have put that off for a few years.

Should We Turn up the Thermostat?

Customers may want to know whether raising the thermostat just a degree or two will actually save them money on the electric bill over the summer. Technicians who do Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance in San Marcos TX can confirm that yes, this is the case. In fact, just one degree of temperature reduction can lower electricity costs by 3 percent. Turning the temperature up three or four degrees should make a noticeable difference in the monthly bill.

Can We Save Energy by Closing Vents?

The customers also may wonder whether they can save energy by shutting vents and closing doors of rooms that are seldom used. Typically, this isn’t effective because the system was designed to cool the entire house. Closing a register leaves cool air in the duct pipe, since that air has already traveled all the way from the appliance to the room. A better solution is to ask the technicians to install dampers along the ducts that can be opened and closed.

Is a Programmable Thermostat Worth It?

The homeowners may want to learn more about upgrading from a conventional to a programmable thermostat. This device helps people save on electricity as long as they stick with a fairly regular schedule. Nobody has to remember to turn the thermostat up before leaving for the day. The climate control also can be more enjoyable since the program is set to bring the temperature back to an optimum level by the time the first person arrives back home.

Preventive central air conditioning maintenance performed by technicians from a company like AIM A/C and Heating Services helps homeowners avoid equipment breakdowns. These aggravating episodes seem to usually happen on the hottest days of the year. Browse our website to learn more about this particular organization.