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Get Air Conditioners Inspected by HVAC Contractors in Toledo, OH Prior to Purchasing a Home

Get Air Conditioners Inspected by HVAC Contractors in Toledo, OH Prior to Purchasing a Home

Home buyers should pay special attention to the condition of the heating and air conditioning system installed in any home they consider purchasing. Ideally, buyers should hire HVAC contractors in Toledo OH to inspect the furnace and central air conditioning units prior to buying a house. Few homeowners have the extra cash needed to replace one of these units soon after they move into a new home. Buyers should look for these signs an air conditioner is nearing the end of its lifespan.


Air conditioners can last as long as 15 years or more if they are properly maintained. However, since a buyer may not know the maintenance record of the equipment, they should consider a unit more than 10 years old to be ready to be replaced. Home buyers may ask the seller to cover the cost of the replacement or lower the cost of the house to offset the cost.


HVAC units that are in good condition result in reasonable energy bills. A buyer may be able to get the usage records for a home from the seller or the real estate agent. It’s important to compare these to other comparable homes to determine if the heating and air conditioning units are running efficiently. HVAC Contractors in Toledo OH can tell a buyer how efficient the system is likely to be when they do an inspection.


Buyers should ask for repair histories for the HVAC systems in the home. A system that needs to be repaired frequently is likely to break down again. In many cases, it is more cost effective to replace an air conditioner than to continue to make repairs. Although a homeowner should get regular preventive maintenance every year, they should not have to worry about making repairs to their air conditioner soon after they purchase a house.

There are several things that could cost a new home buyer a lot of money, and all of them should be thoroughly inspected prior to closing the deal. Buyers can check out Website Domain to make an appointment for an HVAC inspection. As long as the roof, the foundation, and the HVAC system are in good condition, the home may be a good investment.