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Service Contracts for the Maintenance and Repair of Cooling Equipment Bristol, CT

Service Contracts for the Maintenance and Repair of Cooling Equipment Bristol, CT

Even though an area like Bristol, CT experiences a fair share of cold weather over the fall and winter months, this area is no stranger to hot temperatures during the late spring and summer months. What this does is makes the condition of a residential AC system very important. While homeowners often rely quite heavily on Cooling Equipment Bristol CT, there’s a number of things that can potentially go wrong with this equipment and the time needed for repair as well as the costliness of such repairs can be difficult for the average homeowner to shoulder. That why service contracts are becoming more popular.

System Checkups Included

One of the best ways to keep a cooling system working efficiently is by having the system looked over at least once a year. Like any other machine, an HVAC system can benefit greatly from regular tune-ups and service contracts by an HVAC service provider will include a comprehensive checkup of the AC system before the warm temperatures arrive. These services include the cleaning of coils, flushing and cleaning of drain pipes and drain pans, lubricating vital internal moving parts of the HVAC system and checking coolant and performance levels. This in and of itself is often enough to get maximum life and usefulness out of an existing HVAC system.

Deep Discounts on Repair Services

In the event the system were to experience a mechanical failure, a service contract also offers deep discounts on repair services. Whether the AC unit needs something simple like new relays or the repairs are more extensive, like a condenser, a blower motor or a compressor, a service contract can offer a 50 percent discount on all repairs. This can save a homeowner a huge amount of money when it comes to more extensive or multiple repairs.

For new systems, a service contract is great for routine and regular AC checkups. For an older system, a little money spent up front can save big money when it comes to the typical repairs an older system may require over the years. In any situation, a service contract with an HVAC service like  is something every homeowner in the Bristol, CT area should seriously consider. You can also visit them on Facebook.