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The Choice Between New Installation and Heating System Repair in Citrus Heights CA for an Old Furnace

The Choice Between New Installation and Heating System Repair in Citrus Heights CA for an Old Furnace

The homeowners had to call for Heating System Repair in Citrus Heights CA twice last winter and one time two years before that. With autumn having arrived, they’re starting to wonder whether they should have the furnace replaced or see if it will last through another cold season. They can ask the advice of the heating technician they call for the annual maintenance, which normally is done in fall.

How Old Is the Furnace?

A main factor considered by the heating technician is the age of the furnace. Furnaces are generally expected to last about 15 years, although in a moderate climate like that of Sacramento County, the owners may get a few more years out of the equipment. If they have kept it well-maintained and changed the air filter as recommended, the appliance should stay in good shape for a long time.

There comes a time when repair work is not worth it anymore because the equipment is so old. Breakdowns become more frequent and the risk of the appliance leaking carbon monoxide increases. The technician who does maintenance and Heating System Repair in Citrus Heights CA may advise the customer to plan for replacement by the following winter if there is no sign of a health hazard at this point.

Other Aspects

Aside from how old the appliance is, other aspects can be discussed. An old furnace is probably using significantly more fuel than it did when it was first installed. Those late-night or weekend breakdowns are inconvenient and can cost more for emergency service. All of this costs money, and the need for eventual furnace replacement is inevitable.

Advantages of New Installation

Technicians from a company such as Golden Aire Heating & Air Conditioning know that this is a tough decision because it’s one of the more expensive home improvement projects. The customers will want to keep in mind the advantages they gain from having new installation done by this particular company. The fuel costs will be lower because the equipment is a higher-efficiency model. There should not be any breakdowns for many years to come, allowing the household residents to have peace of mind and avoid the hassle of needing emergency service. You can also follow them on Twitter.