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Advantages of Heating and Cooling Maintenance, Find a Contractor in Wheaton

Wheaton residents know well how fickle the weather can be. You may experience a few days of “Indian summer” where the weather is amazing and mild and then find that the next day is riddled with snow or ice. Likewise, it can be chilly one day and hot the next, making you take notice of your HVAC system. Heating and cooling maintenance are essential to make sure that your system is working correctly.

Save Energy/Money

Energy-efficiency is a hot topic right now because everyone wants to save as much money as possible. Up to half of your expenses for the home can come from air conditioning and heat, which means you need all the help you can get. If your system isn’t running optimally, you can expect to pay more.

Contractors can come to your home and assess the situation. They’re likely to test the controls and thermostat calibrations, check the ductwork visually, change the air filter, lubricate any moving parts, tighten connections, test airflow, and much more.

More Comfort

If the components malfunction, you have reduced airflow, or the ductwork leaks, you may find that your temperatures never get where they should be. You may keep it at a comfortable temperature, but the system might not get to that point, which can leave you chilly or hot, depending on the season.

Better Air Quality

When the cooler or warmer air moves through the ductwork, it carries loose particles that weren’t trapped by the dirty air filter. These can include mold, pet dander, mildew, dust, and more. Changing the air filter and checking the ducts ensure that you can breathe cleaner air.

Heating and cooling maintenance are essential to ensure that you remain comfortable regardless of the season. Visit Air-Rite Heating & Cooling near Wheaton at to schedule service now.