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Filters And Cooling System Maintenance in San Marcos TX

Filters And Cooling System Maintenance in San Marcos TX

Cooling system maintenance in San Marcos TX involves handling air filters. Filters are often overlooked in HVAC systems. When a person first sees and air filter, they might not be too impressed. The average air filter just doesn’t look as important as it really is. Once a homeowner learns the importance of a filter, they will take maintaining it much more seriously.

What’s The Purpose Of Filters?

It’s important for anyone who wants to do cooling system maintenance in San Marcos TX to understand how some of the parts work. The main task of an air filter is to clean the air that is pushed through the home by an HVAC system. Filters excel at containing some of the particles that can negatively affect people inside the building. Dust, dirt, pollen, mold spores, and bacteria are just some of the things that are trapped by filters. Browse our website to get help with maintenance.


Anyone who owns and HVAC system needs to understand that there are differences in filters. Some are just more effective than others. With air filters, people tend to get what they pay for. The filters that remove more contaminants tend to cost more than weaker counterparts. There is a rating system called MERV. The numbers in the system go to 16. The higher the number, the more effective the filter is for removing contaminants. However, the higher-rated filters can cause a HVAC unit to work too hard.

Doing Maintenance

When a HVAC system is used frequently, the filter needs to be checked at least once a month. The easiest way to check a filter is to hold it near some type of light. If the light can be seen through the filter, than the filter doesn’t need to be swapped for another one. Handling filters is one of the easier maintenance task and is something most people can do by themselves if they don’t mind the work.

Maintaining systems that operate inside a home is important. Without a good maintenance schedule, a homeowner can cost themselves a lot of money. Their equipment simply wont last long enough nor will it be efficient with energy.