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Consider These Top Signs You May Need HVAC Repair Right Away

Your heating, ventilation and air condition systems are important to you and your family’s comfort, as well as your health. There are a number of steps that can be taken to prevent costly breakdown of these systems, and a professional HVAC repair company is there to help. Consider these signs you need HVAC repair in St. Louis right away. You’ll be glad you took action.

Restricted Air Flow

Not enough air coming from your air conditioning system or furnace could mean there’s a problem with the ductwork. Other causes could be found in the motor, fan or compressor. A trained professional will know what to look for, including dirty coils, clogged filters or low refrigerant levels.

Sounds and Smells

Listen for unusual sounds like high pitched noises, rattling or clanging. Underlying problems could be clogged filter, duct blockage, broken fan blades or hardware damage. Motorized parts like a fan motor could also be failing. If you smell a hot or burning odor, the wiring or parts could be faulty or malfunctioning. A musty odor is an indicator of mold.


If water is leaking into your home, this is a definite indicator of a problem. The same can be said for water that is pooled near your outdoor unit. If such issues aren’t repaired, they could lead to significant and expensive damage down the road.

Keep these signs in mind that you may need HVAC repair in St. Louis right away. A quick inspection could save you lots of time and frustration. Visit Classic Aire Care for more information.