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Air Conditioning Repair Services In Fort Myers

Air Conditioning Repair Services In Fort Myers

Air conditioners have become essential in most homes to help control overall air quality. Many things can go wrong with these appliances, but there are a few common Air Conditioning Repair services in Fort Myers that companies are called out for. Understanding what these problems are makes it easier for the home or business owner to decide what steps should be taken to correct the problem. Here are the most common repairs an Air Conditioning Repair Fort Myers service may be called in for.

Faulty wiring prevents a system from getting power and can lead to the circuit breaker tripping. The wiring may be uncertified, haphazard or done improperly. This is a repair which should never be delayed as faulty wiring presents a fire hazard.

The outside fan transfers heat from the home to the outside. When this fan doesn’t work properly, this heat transfer doesn’t occur as intended which can lead to the air conditioning compressor overheating. The safety overload may trip as a result and the compressor may suffer internal damage.

When the coil of an air conditioning unit freezes up, this is often a sign that dirty air filters or blocked return air ductwork are preventing proper airflow. Frozen inside coils may also be a sign of low refrigerant levels.

A faulty thermostat could lead to the outside unit not functioning. Other things which can lead to this unit not working as designed include contractor problems or a lack of power.

Refrigerant is used by air conditioning units to cool the air. When this refrigerant becomes low, there may be a problem with the system. When the system must be recharged, this is a sign the system has a leak which must be located and repaired.

Many other things can go wrong with an air conditioning unit. The best way to prevent problems before they occur is to sign up for a preventative maintenance program of Chill Squad Air Conditioning. When our technician comes out under this program to check the system, he or she looks for these and other problems. The sooner a problem is corrected, the less likely it is to cause further damage to the unit and/or the home. An air conditioner is a wonderful thing to have, but only when it is maintained properly.