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Regular maintenance and cleaning of an AC unit extends its lifespan and saves money on both the cost of repair and unnecessary replacement. For an AC unit to operate at its highest efficiency, it requires regular attention. The following tips on cleaning and maintaining an AC unit are best implemented before the start of the cooling season. These tips would, hopefully, keep an A.C unit from requiring AC repair services in Cleves Ohio.

Always Turn Off The Power

Due to the risks present when working with electricity or electric appliances, it is recommended that the AC unit is turned off. Turn off the power from the breaker box indoors. Also, look for the exterior shut-off box near the exterior compressor and shut it down.

Clean the Debris

Remove the fan cage on the exterior compressor using either a wrench or screwdriver. Clean the leaves and remove other debris using a wet/dry vacuum cleaner.

Clean the Fins

Use a garden hose to spray the fins to remove any built-up debris or dirt between them. A commercial fin cleaning spray should be used if the fins are very dirty.

Straighten out The Fins

If the fins are bent, use a butter knife or a fin-straightening tool to carefully straighten the fins. Bent fins usually result in a reduction of air flow that reduces the A.C’s cooling power.

Clean the Area Around The AC

Once the cleaning has been performed, the fan cage should be replaced. Cut back all vegetation and remove the debris and leaves around the condenser. This is to ensure the proper supply of air to the unit. During the winter months, it is advised that a piece of plastic or plywood be placed on top of the unit to prevent any debris or dirt from falling in. Don’t cover the sides completely, since this leads to the buildup of moisture inside the unit, which causes corrosion.

Though the above steps will help keep an AC system in good working condition, there are a lot of issues that would require AC repair services in Cleves Ohio. Visit Savings Heating & Air for more information.