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An Experienced HVAC Company WIll Provide Installation And Repair For A Commercial Furnace In Laurel MD.

If the employees or customers are freezing, or if space heaters in various areas are the only way to keep areas warm, the furnace in your business probably needs to be repaired or replaced. A business can keep their energy costs low and their employees and customer warm when they receive repair for a HVAC company in Laurel MD. The winter months will still unleash a lot of cold temperatures that will reduce productivity and sales in a business.

Common Reasons A Business Needs Furnace Service

When a pilot light is out or the furnace won’t turn on, a business will contact a company that is experienced in Commercial Furnace Laurel MD. If a furnace begins to make strange noises when it starts or stops, it’s usually a sign there’s a serious problem with the unit. When the blower runs constantly, won’t turn on or immediately extinguishes itself, the furnace needs to be repaired.

What Is Causing The Problem?

When an individual hears rapid clicking sounds and the furnace fails to ignite, the flue of the furnace could be blocked, or there could be a faulty control board. When the burner won’t stay lit, a dirty flame sensor, clogged, condensation drain, or a gas supply issue could be contributing to the problem. A noisy motor means the furnace is ready to fail and cause a complete furnace breakdown.

If there is no power to the furnace, there could be tripped breakers or a broken switch. It can be hard to pinpoint an issue when a transformer, control board, capacitor, or thermostat is involved in the situation.

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