How Do Electric Heat Pumps in Salisbury, MD Work?

by | Nov 22, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Heat pumps, contrary to their name, are necessary to providing both heating and cooling services. Since they can both heat and cool interior areas, reversible Electric Heat Pumps in Salisbury MD are, in many circumstances, considered preferable to installing separate cooling and heating systems. How do they work, though?

Heat pumps use only a small amount of energy to move heat either into or out of an interior space. In comparison to conventional heaters and air conditioners, they are quite efficient. Instead of burning fuel to create heat, they transfer existing heat into the home, office, or commercial building. The reason an electric heat pumps in Salisbury, MD is so much more efficient than a gas heater is that it uses a basic principle to operate: heat always flows downhill. Heat is thus always predisposed to move from a location with a high temperature down to a location with a low temperature. The pump operates by reversing this principle, meaning that electricity is only required to move air rather than create heat.

In the context of a heat pump, the hotter ground or air is called a heat source. The space being heated is known as a heat sink. By using refrigerant-filled coils inside the piece of equipment, an air-source heat pump moves heat from the air outdoors into air ducts inside, or from the air ducts back out into the environment.

Another type of pump pulls heat from the ground, rather than the air, but the principles are the same. Heat is transferred directly using an open or closed loop system of pipes. These pipes absorb heat from outside, moving it to where it is needed and releasing it into the air.

Heating and cooling systems that utilize either of these systems require air ducts to disperse the heated or cooled air where it is necessary. Those without air ducts must use smaller systems called mini-split heat pumps. These systems have proven to be an efficient and effective method of maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures. Property considering the installation of a new heating or cooling system will certainly appreciate their associated simplicity and decreased energy bills. Visit the website for more information.

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