What Services Are Available For A Commercial Air Conditioner In Edmond, OK?

by | Aug 21, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

In Oklahoma, business owners must mitigate all risks that could lead to potential injuries. This includes maintaining their HVAC systems and keeping the building at a comfortable temperature. The temperature inside the building could present a serious risk in extreme weather. A local repair provider offers services for a commercial air conditioner in Edmond, OK for these business owners.

Complete Inspections for the Units

The service provider offers a complete inspection of the unit. The inspections help the technician determine if there are any hazards present. This could include toxins, pathogens, or allergens that accumulated in the system. The technician also reviews refrigerant levels and inspect for possible leaks. A refrigerant leak presents a serious environmental risk.

Seasonal Cleaning Requirements

Seasonal cleaning requirements are needed to prevent possible service disruptions. They also lower the risk of health concerns. The systems accumulate dust, leaves, and dirt between seasons. The technician cleans the condenser coil, evaporator, fan, and motor. They must remove all debris to prevent overheating and a disruption of airflow. The technician must ensure that all risks inside the ventilation system are removed properly.

Components Replacement and Repairs

The technicians test all major components and perform vital assessments. This determines if any of the components must be replaced. These risks must be managed to prevent potential worker-related injuries. Extreme temperatures present workers with health risks. The company owner must replace any damaged components to lower these probabilities. A worker-related injury could present a financial loss for the business owner.

Installing New Thermostats

A new thermostat provides more accurate temperature readings. Newer models also provide connections to the business network. This allows the owner to connect to the heating or cooling system. They can engage the system to ensure that the systems are operating when needed.

In Oklahoma, business owners manage possible risks by maintaining their cooling and heating systems. They hire service providers to clean and inspect the systems. They review components to determine if they are faulty. They can also replace a thermostat to achieve better temperature readings. Business owners who need services for a commercial air conditioner in Edmond, OK can visit website and schedule services now.

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