3 Things to Check Before You Call for AC Repair

by | Oct 12, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Few things are more frightening for people who live in the southern United States that that first hint that something is not right with the air conditioning. Facing a brutal southern summer without AC is the stuff nightmares are made of – but that doesn’t mean you have to call for professional help as soon as it starts acting up. Check these things before you call for Atlanta AC repair to save time, money, and hassle:

The Electricity

Did you know that one of the most common reasons for air conditioning to be malfunctioning is that the electricity supply to the system is not properly connected or is malfunctioning? When you find that you’re facing an AC outage, you may actually be dealing with a lack of electricity. Check your connection and ask neighbors if they are experiencing similar problems before giving your local HVAC pros a call.

The Filter

The flow of air into your home and throughout the air conditioning system can be influenced by the filter, particularly if your filter is dirty or clogged. Check and regularly change your filters to keep things running smoothly.

The Thermostat

All too often, what seems like a problem with the HVAC system is actually a problem with the thermostat. Thankfully, the latter is usually easy to solve. Check the batteries or electric connection to your thermostat and change or reconnect them if necessary. You may find that there’s nothing wrong with your HVAC system at all!

If you’ve checked all these factors are your air still isn’t working, it may be time to call for Atlanta AC repair. Your local HVAC specialists will identify the issue, solve it, and help you maintain your system in the future, so you don’t have to spend any more summer days wilting in the southern heat!

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