3 Ways to Void Your HVAC System’s Warranty

by | Apr 15, 2019 | Air Conditioning Contractors

Most people don’t realize it, but it’s very easy to void the warranty on an HVAC system. These units are complicated and expensive, and they’re one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make as a homeowner. Take a proactive stance; learn how to maintain your system and its warranty by avoiding these mistakes.

Neglecting Yearly Maintenance

Proper heating and cooling repair near Palatine will keep your system running and reduce the risk of premature breakdowns. Not only that, but it will also lower your energy bills by upwards of 30%, and it’s a requirement for your warranty. If you believe you can save money by skipping that yearly tune-up, you may be in for an expensive surprise.

Using the Wrong Parts and Installation Practices

We’re combining these two mistakes into one, because they’re easily avoided by hiring a professional for heating and cooling repair near Palatine. Cutting costs by using cheap parts and unlicensed installers puts you at risk of inefficiency, safety concerns, and voiding your warranty.

Not Registering Your Warranty

Typically, you have to register your HVAC system’s warranty within two months of installation. It’s easy to do; you can do it by phone, by mail, or online. In most cases, warranties last for at least ten years. Be sure to get proof of purchase from your contractor and register your new system as quickly as possible.

Protect Your Warranty; Call Us To Schedule Service

If you buy a system through us, we’ll walk you through the steps necessary to properly register and protect your new unit. Don’t make a serious mistake in hopes of saving a few dollars; follow the above steps and keep your warranty intact. Visit us at FiveStarHeating.com to learn more or call Five Star Heating & Air Inc. to schedule a yearly maintenance visit.

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