4 Ways to Keep Vernon Hills Heating And Cooling in Great Shape

by | Nov 22, 2022 | Heating & Cooling

No one wants to spend money on heating and cooling repairs. Fortunately, most HVAC problems are avoidable with a bit of maintenance. Here are some ways to keep one’s Vernon Hills heating and cooling in great shape.

1. Clean the HVAC Unit

Wipe down the outside of the indoor air handler once a month to keep dust and debris from accumulating. Also, don’t forget about the outdoor AC unit. During the summer, hose the unit to keep sticks, leaves, grass, and other debris from building up on top and inside the unit. Cover the unit with an AC cover during the winter to prevent moisture from freezing.

2. Change the Air Filter

Air filters keep airborne pollutants like pet dander, dust, and other allergens from circulating through the system and back into the house. Dirty filters prevent HVAC systems from producing clean air and put added stress on the system. Change the filter once a month for the best results.

3. Use a Programmable Thermostat

Help the HVAC system run more efficiently by installing a programmable thermostat. Smart thermostats adjust the temperature automatically after learning the household’s movement patterns. This adjustment is usually done within a few days and takes the guesswork out of managing climate control.

4. Schedule Twice-Yearly Tune-Ups

Professional tune-ups ensure one’s Vernon Hills heating and cooling stay in tip-top shape. Technicians make minor adjustments, calibrate the system, and clean the system inside and out. Professional tune-ups are the best way to get more life out of HVAC systems. Contact Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Corporation – Libertyville for more information about professional HVAC services.

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