5 Mistakes to Avoid During AC Repair in Baltimore County MD

by | Sep 6, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

When homeowners purchase a new heating and cooling equipment, the method of installation affects aspects such as the unit’s efficiency, longevity, reliability, and the home’s comfort. To get the maximum benefit from a new installation or an Ac Repair in Baltimore County MD, avoid these installation errors.

Choosing an Installer Based Solely on Price

If a homeowner chooses an installer based only on price, they may end up paying higher repair and energy bills, or they may face a premature replacement. A contractor who underbids an installation is less likely to spend the time needed to properly size equipment, and they might take shortcuts during the process.

Not Determining the Home’s Energy Efficiency

An experienced installer will advise a customer to have an energy audit before they purchase a new unit. With a home energy assessment, the owner will learn how to improve their home’s ductwork and insulation to make the system as efficient as possible.

Improper Unit Sizing

If a contractor uses general guidelines to select the right unit capacity, the homeowner may face long-term HVAC issues. When over- or under-sized equipment is put in, it won’t sufficiently heat or cool the home, it won’t be efficient, and it will fail before the end of its lifespan.

Ignoring Air Distribution

The ductwork that distributes the heated or cooled air produced by an HVAC unit has a tremendous effect on the system’s performance. A reputable installer will ensure the proper sizing and design of the ductwork, so airflow is correctly balanced and meets the equipment manufacturer’s specifications.

Forgetting to Insulate and Seal Ductwork

Skilled installers know that un-insulated, leaky ductwork can diminish a system’s efficiency by upwards of 30%. To limit such losses, the installer will seal the ductwork with metal tape or mastic, and they’ll place insulation wraps on all accessible areas.

Call a Local Installer for Prompt, Professional, and Efficient HVAC Service

A home’s HVAC system does much to improve indoor comfort, but when it’s serviced in the wrong ways, things may go wrong quickly. For fast, friendly Ac Repair in Baltimore County MD, call the experts at Maryland Heating & Air or visit them online.

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