5 Signs that a Home Needs Air Conditioning Repair in Lake Orion MI

by | May 6, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

In most cases, it’s readily apparent when a unit needs Air Conditioning Repair Lake Orion MI because it simply stops working. However, it’s not always that simple. Below, readers will find five warning signs that they need a professional from Business Name to inspect the home’s HVAC unit before the problem gets worse.

There’s No Cold Air

This is the warning sign that prompts most homeowners to call for AC repair. When a unit generates no cold air, it’s not cooling the home, and the humidity and heat can quickly become noticeable. It’s important for the homeowner to consider, though, that the unit can still have a problem even if it is putting out cold air.

Monthly Utility Bills are Higher

The AC unit might not have the problem described in the section above. The homeowner skips a yearly tune-up and heads straight into the summer cooling season. Then, they get the monthly power bill, and the total is shocking. HVAC systems can fail in ways that cause them to work less efficiently over time. If a homeowner is receiving abnormally high energy bills, an AC repair professional can come out for an evaluation.

The Unit Makes Odd Noises

Most AC noises are noticeable right away, but some are harder to detect. If a homeowner hears loud, odd noises coming from the AC unit, they should call for service right away. Grinding and scraping noises can indicate that something is blocking the fan, and such problems can indicate the need for extensive Air Conditioning Repair Lake Orion MI.

Moisture in the Ductwork

A home’s AC system is built to handle some moisture. After all, it’s located outside, and rain can get in. However, there should be no moisture coming from internal ductwork; if there is, any number of conditions can be to blame. Moist ductwork is a sign that immediate service is needed, and while the liquid may be harmless, it may be escaped coolant which is toxic. Calling for immediate service can keep the entire family safe.

Strange Odors

If the homeowner smells a metallic, foul odor, it may indicate that the insulation around the AC wiring may be burned through. By comparison, a musty odor can show that there’s mold growing in the ductwork or inside the system. In either case, the homeowner should visit  or call a licensed air conditioning repair technician to find out for sure.

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