5 Signs That Residential Air Conditioners in Omaha NE Need Service

by | Jun 30, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

In many situations, it’s immediately apparent that an HVAC system needs repairs. In other cases, though, the problem may be harder to detect. In the article below, readers will learn five signs that they need to Visit the Website for a professional evaluation of Residential Air Conditioners in Omaha NE.

No Cold Air

Most service calls are brought about when a customer turns the unit on, only to discover that no cold air comes out. When an AC doesn’t generate cold air, it doesn’t cool, and humidity and heat can quickly become uncomfortable. However, an AC unit can still have problems, even if it’s putting out cold air. In some cases, one may not notice an issue right away.

Higher Utility Bills

The air conditioner may work, but the homeowner decides to skip the springtime tune-up and head straight into the heat of summer. One may not notice an AC problem until they get an abnormally high cooling bill. AC systems sometimes break in ways that cause them to work less efficiently. If a customer notices a sudden increase in their power bill, they should call a repair specialist right away.

The Unit Makes Odd Noises

Most strange AC noises make themselves readily apparent. Sometimes, the unit may just be louder than normal, and at other times, the unit may emit a grinding or screeching noise. If one hears any strange noises coming from their home’s HVAC unit, they should call Accurate Heating & Cooling for an immediate appointment. Scraping noises may be a sign of fan failure, which can lead to the need for total system replacement.

Moisture in the Ductwork

Residential Air Conditioners in Omaha NE are equipped to handle a certain amount of moisture. After all, most are outside and exposed to the elements. However, at no point should there be moisture inside the ductwork. If any is detected, the homeowner should call a pro right away. While it may just be condensation from nearby pipes, it could also be a coolant leak. The Refrigerant is toxic, and it should be cleaned up by a professional.

Odd Smells

A metallic, foul smell can be an indication of burnt wiring insulation. By comparison, musty smells may be a sign of mold growth in the system or the ductwork. Regardless of the source of the smell, a call to a local HVAC repair company is the only real way to solve the problem. Browse website for more information.

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