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by | Aug 1, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Customers have a lot to choose from for new installation AC service in Derby KS. Air conditioners are essential to comfort in the summer months. There are many kinds of units that operate with efficiency and optimal performance. Air conditioners have a big job that starts with extracting heat from the living space, and there’s a variation of ways this works.

The standard type of air conditioning system works with a compressor cycle. It functions in a way similar to a refrigerator. The heat is taken out of the designated space to cool it. There are valves and controls that make this happen. Modern-day AC systems are made to carry out this intricate process without burning too much energy.

The Selection of Cooling Systems to Choose from

There is a wide selection of cooling systems. Central air conditioners and heat pumps cool a whole home. There is a large compressor outside and coils containing refrigerant indoors. The refrigerant cools the air through ducts. Heat pumps have a similar process, but it is used to transport heat into and out of a building.

Room air conditioners are mounted to the wall or window to treat the air in one room. They work with the compressor cycle function.

Evaporator coolers are ideal for dry geographical areas, like the Southwest. Air is pulled into the building with moist pads and cooled by evaporation. The cool air is then dispersed through the house. Evaporator coolers are able to lower temperatures as much as thirty degrees down.

Ductless mini-split air conditioners are good for living spaces with no room for ductwork. There is an outdoor air compressor and indoor handling unit. Each room to be cooled has an individual air handler. All the indoor units are connected to the outdoor unit by a conduit that transfers power and refrigerant lines. Visit our website for additional information about cooling system types.

Indoor Air Quality Systems

AC Service in Derby KS also has air purification systems. These systems target one to three categories of contaminants. There are airborne particles, germs and bacteria and chemical vapors. These three categories of contaminants can be removed with a total air purification system. Air purification systems keep families healthy. Allergens and other airborne perils are filtered out of the air for healthier breathing in a family’s humble abode.

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