Air Conditioner Problems? Don’t Swelter – Call for Emergency Air Conditioning Service in Stafford TX

by | Apr 11, 2016 | HVAC Contractor

Hot summers in the state of Texas are a way of life which why nearly every home is equipped with air-conditioning. When temperatures start to soar and you’ve been working outside all day, the last thing you need is for your air conditioning unit to decide it needs a break.

There are many reasons why Emergency Air Conditioning Service in Stafford TX may be appropriate. Air conditioners, both room units and central air systems are rugged appliances, but even the best of them need help now and then. Typical problems and malfunctions noted by HVAC technicians include:

Leaking Refrigerant -; Common reasons that air conditioning units leak Freon include ruptured condenser or evaporator coils. Due to system design, Freon cannot be added and can only be serviced by a professional repair technician.

Lack of Maintenance -; Dirty and debris filled air filters inhibit the normal airflow of an air conditioning system which forces the compressor to labor intensely. Long-term operation under these conditions can cause premature failure of the compressor. The filters need to be cleaned or replaced every two or three months during the summer months.

Thermostat Problems -; Room air conditioner systems utilize a sensor that monitors the temperature of the air passing over the evaporative coil. Jolting the sensor out of position causes the unit to run without shutting off or to cycle on and off erratically. The thermostat sensors in central AC units require calibration and periodic verification that they are operating accurately.

Age -; Older air conditioning systems may require Emergency Air Conditioning Service in Stafford TX, as they are at the greatest risk of premature failure. The parts at the highest risk include the electrical contacts and connections, compressor, and fan blade damage.

Other reasons why one might call a HVAC repair technician that has won the Angie’s List Super Service Award! include air conditioners that fail because of improper installation. Failing to adequately charge the refrigerant according to the manufacturer’s recommendations is another primary reason for failure.

During the peak of Texas summer heat having a cool, comfortable environment provided by indoor air conditioning is not only a convenience but a necessity for those with comprised lung function or the elderly. The majority of air conditioning repair companies offer 24/7 availability and 100-percent guarantee on all repairs.

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