Is Air Conditioning In Omaha, NE A Good Investment?

by | Dec 1, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Not every home has air conditioning. Some homes only include heating equipment. In the hot months, the homeowner must rely on portable fans or air conditioning units. But, modern home buyers are looking for homes with central air conditioning as well as heating. When the heating system is older and in need of replacement, the homeowner should consider adding air conditioning. Many new heating units also act as air conditioning units. Air Conditioning in Omaha NE systems take up less space and are very efficient.

Why Add Air Conditioning

A home that does not have central air conditioning will be uncomfortable during the summer months, and family members may have trouble sleeping. Portable fans and air conditioning units are better than nothing, but they do not cool the whole house. The units will need to be carried from room to room as needed or the family will need to purchase multiple units. All those portable cooling units consume electricity and can be in the way.

Central air conditioning may use the same ductwork and vents as the heating system. Central air conditioning can be zoned with wall controls in each zone. The homeowner can save money by only cooling the areas of the home being used at any given time. There are many good central air conditioning systems to choose from. There are systems like heat pumps that can both heat and cool. A heating and cooling service company such as Accurate Heating & Cooling is a good source of Air Conditioning in Omaha NE.

Air Conditioning Installation

The homeowner should contact a reliable, recommended heating and cooling company for a heating and cooling inspection and free estimate. The company representative can evaluate the existing equipment and make recommendations. An air conditioning unit may be available to add to existing heating equipment. If the heating system is older, it might make sense to replace the whole system with a combination heating and cooling unit. These new systems have better energy efficiency and offer home comfort zones.

These heating and cooling zones help the homeowner save energy costs by regulating the temperature more efficiently. A new system may even qualify the homeowner for tax credits depending on where they live. Central air conditioning systems add value to a home and add to the family comfort. The company that installs the HVAC system must do a professional job for best results. Browse the website for additional information.

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