Beat That Winter Cold With Superior Heating in Franklin TN

by | Dec 16, 2015 | Heating & Cooling

When the winter chill rolls around, the first thing people think about is how ready they may be to fight the cold weather. One of the most important tasks they have is checking the Heating in Franklin TN. Many homes use some form of forced heating whether this is an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system or a central furnace. There is very little difference in the heating aspect, but the HVAC combines the heating and cooling system into a more compact system.

Both of these systems use a series of air ducts to deliver the treated air to various rooms. This helps spread the warmth and start the air cycling through the building. The input side of the system should be placed so there is always plenty of airflow. This also helps the furnace breathe better because less dirt will accumulate around the intake. To ensure that the Heating in Franklin TN will last as long as possible, it should have regular maintenance. Routine maintenance should be scheduled some time before the system is turned on for the winter.

The main reason for this is the need to clean out certain systems like the combustion chamber on a gas burning model or the heating element in an electric one. This one step can save the homeowner a lot of trouble because a dirty heating area could lead to a flash fire. This is especially true with HVAC systems because the combined unit also shares the same filter and blower system. This allows dust and debris to enter the heating area when the air conditioner is being used.

There are times when the furnace fails and all it needs are a few minor repairs. In an electric model, the failure to heat the home could be a broken heating element or a faulty relay. Alternately, the problem may be caused by a sensor not noticing the rising heat level inside the air exchanger. Most of these failures can be easily fixed by an experienced heating technician. For a gas system, some important areas are the fuel feed and the ignition system. A faulty fuel feed can starve the furnace while a failing ignition will keep it from ever lighting. Contact Spring Hill Heating & Cooling LLC to learn more about heating systems.

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