Beat the Arizona Heat With Superior Air Conditioners in Phoenix and the Maintenance They Require

by | Jan 4, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

One of the best things about living in Phoenix is the dry warmth that permeates the area. Unfortunately, this is also the same thing that keeps the area hot during the afternoon and evenings. Thankfully, Air Conditioners in Phoenix can help by removing indoor heat and sending it back where it belongs, outside. However, this task isn’t as simple as it sounds because an air conditioning system can be a very complex device. One reason for this is the electronics required to keep the system functioning properly and efficiently. The two aren’t exactly the same since the AC can still function if the refrigerant is low, it just won’t run as efficiently.

The two best choices for Air Conditioners in Phoenix are the typical HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system or the split or ductless unit. Both of these comfort appliances have an external cabinet that houses the condensing system, condenser coil and fan. This is necessary to release any accumulated heat outside of the building. At this point, the two AC types begin to vary because the HVAC system uses one large air exchange and a series of air ducts for distributing the treated air. The split system uses a series of cooling units, up to eight per condenser and the refrigerant is piped directly to each of them. This allows the ductless system to control various zones or regions of the building. Imagine being able to set each zone, so it uses less electricity at night while still enjoying a cool bedroom when sleeping.

One thing that experts like those at Arizona Refrigeration Service Inc suggest is to keep the appliance carefully maintained. At the very least, the unit should be cleaned and tested once a year. This allows the system to run at peak efficiency and helps to extend its service life. Plus, an experienced technician can usually determine if certain components are beginning to fail and make plans to repair them at the owner’s convenience. Two such items are the compressor and the motor that drives it. Replacing a compressor can be very expensive. If the system being repaired is getting old, it may be more economical to simply replace the whole thing. Click Here for more information about AC maintenance, repair or installation.

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