Controlling Costs of Furnace Repair in Derby KS

by | Aug 29, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Major repairs on any type of furnace will be expensive and the timing will not be ideal either. Putting money aside into an account for unexpected homeowner issues is wise. Realistically, it is not always feasible to build up a savings account but there are cost-effective ways to avoid major furnace repair in Derby KS.


Preventative maintenance will help prolong the life of heating systems whether they operate on electricity, gas, or fuel oil. A clean system will also save money on heating costs because it will run efficiently. An experienced professional will inspect the system to determine if any minor furnace repair in Derby KS is needed. Replacing worn clamps or belts, for example, at the beginning of the season is much less expensive than paying for major repairs when a failed clamp causes severe damage to the entire system. A complete cleaning of all components is essential to avoid clogs, foul smells, and low air pressure during delivery of warm air.


The problem with scheduling routine preventative maintenance is remembering to do it before the cold weather arrives. In between getting children ready for a new school year, switching out summer curtains and clothing for winter ones, and winterizing the vehicle, calling for maintenance is often simply forgotten. Many companies offer maintenance and routine service contracts to save homeowners money and eliminate the issue of forgetting. Once a contract is signed, the company places the information into the computer and gets reminders when it is time to call a homeowner to schedule services and maintenance.


There have been many new advances in energy-efficiency that can make a significant difference in heating bills and how hard a system needs to work to heat the home. Depending on when the current furnace was installed it may be costing more to operate it than it would to replace it. Those installed prior to 1992 have a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating of 10. There are some systems today that have a SEER of up to 19 which can save as much as 59% on average heating bills. Check out our website to request an assessment of the furnace to see if it should be replaced.

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