Critical Furnace Maintenance and Repair Tasks in Palatine to Handle Now

by | Oct 3, 2019 | Air Conditioning Contractors

The approach of winter reminds you that your central heating requires prompt servicing. After sitting dormant all summer long, this system may need repairs and maintenance before it can work again properly.

Rather than try your hand at servicing your heater, you can call one of the contractors who works in HVAC near me in Palatine. This contractor can make sure that your heater is ready to use on the first day of cold weather and that it remains serviceable until the start of spring.

Lighting the Pilot

If you extinguish the pilot and turn off the gas to the heater every spring, you need to have both turned back on before you can use the furnace. Turning on the gas can be a delicate matter that arguably is best left to a technician who specializes in HVAC near me in Palatine. This contractor can make sure the gas is turned on safely so that there are no carbon monoxide leaks in the house.

He or she can also light the pilot in the furnace before finishing the routine maintenance job. It is critical that the pilot light burns blue rather than orange or red. A blue flame means that the gas is burning cleanly and without any CO2 leaks, which causes the flame to burn orange or red.

Changing the Filters

Another routine maintenance task to take care of while the weather is still mild involves changing out the filters. The filters can become clogged and dirty after a winter’s worth of blowing out hot air. Debris like pet dander and dust can make their way into the ventilation system and filters, making it necessary to replace these fixtures before you turn on the heat again.

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