Do It Yourself Sewer Jetting in Charleston, SC: Pros and Cons

by | Oct 26, 2016 | HVAC Contractor

There are times when a clogged drain can create chaos throughout the entire house. If the bathroom sink is backed up, one bathroom instantly becomes out of commission. If the kitchen sink is clogged, everyone is going to struggle to take care of the dishes after a meal. For some homeowners, the solution can be found through Sewer Jetting in Charleston SC. Pushing pressurized water through the pipes helps to remove a blockage and get everything flowing smoothly once again. But is this something that a homeowner can do alone? Or is it best to call in a professional for assistance?

Do It Yourself

In order to take on Sewer Jetting in Charleston SC, a homeowner must have the right equipment. Some are able to create their own machine by adding a special part to their pressure washer. Others may be interested in buying an actual sewer jet. While this is a very expensive solution to a problem that may not occur all that frequently, many are looking to save on the cost of sending out a professional to the house. With the hoses in the right place, the goal is to make sure that the water is forced into the pipes and removes whatever it is that is clogging up the drains. Unfortunately, even with the right equipment, most people aren’t sure how to force water down into the system without making a huge mess. Without the right knowledge and experience, a homeowner could be creating a disastrous situation.

Professional Assistance

For those that aren’t interested in taking on the drains alone, it is possible to contact Preferred Home Services and have a professional come out and help. There are several benefits to turning the task over to someone with knowledge, experience, and the right equipment. Despite the added cost, homeowners can rest assured that things are going to be taken care of quickly and efficiently. If the drain clog is a symptom of a larger problem, like a backup in the actual sewer system, a professional can determine where the problem is located and remedy it using the same equipment. One of the most important reasons to call a professional is the peace of mind that comes with allowing someone else to do the dirty work.

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