Enjoy Cool Comfort Using Energy Efficient Heat Pumps in Gainesville VA

by | Feb 19, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Heating and cooling a building can be very expensive tasks. One reason for this is the appliances must create any differences in temperature before it can be distributed. There are several ways to handle this problem such as the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system or the ductless appliance, but both of these options may not provide enough efficiency to satisfy the property owner.

The solution for hot buildings is Heat pumps in Gainesville VA. This ingenious system works year around simply by changing the heat source or heat sink, basically flipping a switch which reverses the flow of refrigerant in the appliance. The most common model in use is the air to air version. This means that temperature changes come from the air and are released to the air.

Of course, even a heat pump must use some energy. In this case, the energy is used to compress a tiny amount of refrigerant and force a state change in the chemical. The change allows the refrigerant to collect heat. This happens because the temperature of the chemical is lower than that of the heat sink. In an air to air system, this means the refrigerant is colder than the outside air so any warmth will flow into the refrigerant. From there, the heat will be transferred through the device and into the space to be treated.

One important thing to remember about Heat pumps in Gainesville VA is that they aren’t an air conditioner. This means they don’t cycle the same, and they won’t cool the home in the same way. Heat pumps can be a little slower with large temperature changes, however, they are more proficient at keeping those temperatures stable.

Like the HVAC, most heat pumps use an air duct to supply the treated air. This provides a quick and easy path that reduces the loss of heat and cold. This also means that there will be an input somewhere and a filter that needs to be cleaned. An expert contractor will make arrangements to keep this device well serviced. This is necessary because even a small amount of refrigerant loss could cause the unit to fail or shut down. Visit the website to learn more about heat pumps and other ways of keeping cool.

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