Examples of Products Available for Air Cleaners Installation in Derby KS

by | Oct 26, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

People dealing with troublesome hay fever symptoms can benefit from Air Cleaners Installation in Derby KS in their homes. Anything that helps these individuals breathe easier is advantageous, and whole-house air cleaners attached to the heating and cooling system are advisable.

Allergies and Air Filters

Airborne contaminants like pollen and dust can worsen sneezing, wheezing and stuffy noses. Air filters in the system help to a certain extent, but the home’s residents must choose a filter with a high minimum efficiency reporting value, or MERV. Cheap filters, especially the flat fiberglass models, are not effective at trapping allergens.

A MERV rating of 7 to 13 is recommended when people with allergies look for an air filter that can help. For an upgrade to the filtration system by a company such as Kelley and Dawson Service, a larger container can be installed for bigger air filters with even more effective filtration. They normally only need to be changed once a year, but someone suffering from severe hay fever during more than one season may prefer to replace the filter twice annually.

Portable Models

Portable air cleaners also are available, but they don’t tackle allergens throughout the home and in the ductwork. They also only work for a limited amount of space, so the person who needs them has to have more than one in the house or has to carry one from the main living area to the sleeping area as needed. Most people find this to be a hassle. If the device is only needed during sleeping, however, this may be a suitable option.

Electrically Charged Fields

Some high-tech air cleaners use electrically charged fields to trap particles not caught by the first stage of filtration. The best brands remove nearly 100 percent of airborne allergens. Since allergens enter the home every time a door or window is opened, this level effectiveness is very important for people who feel sick much of the time during hay fever season. All the people and pets entering the house also bring in a certain amount of pollen and other airborne contaminants. air cleaners installation in Derby KS essentially purifies the living space.

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