Frequently Asked Questions About AC Service In Birmingham For Efficient Cooling

by | Jun 14, 2016 | HVAC Contractor

If your air conditioning system just doesn’t seem to be doing a good job of cooling your home, you may need to contact a professional for AC service in Birmingham. There are various reasons why an air conditioner can’t properly cool a home, and you can learn why by reading the questions and answers below.

Q.) Are there mechanical reasons why an air conditioning system can’t properly cool a home?

A.) After contacting a technician to look at the air conditioner, there are a few things the technician will check. These includes the condensate drain to make sure that it isn’t plugged and the coils to check and see if they are covered in ice. After freeing the drain and allowing the ice to melt on the coils, the unit should be able to efficiently cool the home again. In addition to a mechanical problem, the air filter may need to be changed in the unit or the technician may need to add additional refrigerant to the air conditioner.

Q.) What can homeowners do to help keep their air conditioner efficient when cooling the home?

A.) The two most important things a homeowner can do to make sure their unit functions as well as possible is to keep the air filter changed and to regularly maintain the unit. The air filter should be inspected at least once a month during the peak season, and homeowners should schedule a maintenance visit at least once every year.

Q.) Are there other possible reasons why an air conditioner may not keep the house a comfortable temperature?

A.) If the current air conditioning system is too small for the square footage of the home, it won’t be able to sufficiently cool the entire house. Homeowners can contact a technician who provides AC service in Birmingham to come to their home to see what size air conditioner is needed. After taking several measurements around the house, the technician uses a formula to determine the correct size of unit that’s needed to properly cool the home.

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