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by | Jan 28, 2020 | Repair and Service

Bathroom exhaust systems are an important part of any construction project. Both in residential and commercial buildings, every bathroom requires air handling systems that are up to stringent code and specifications. If your company handles new construction or remodeling of older facilities, you need a supply company with the experience to help you get your bathroom exhaust systems built right. In the greater New York metro area, that company is Brooklyn Fans.

With over a century of experience, Brooklyn Fans can provide you with the best inline exhaust fan systems on the market today. For many residential applications, an inline system provides smoother, quieter operation than many ceiling mounted fans. They remove humidity quickly and help maintain a comfortable temperature, not to mention keeping unpleasant odors at bay. When you remove humidity from hot showers, you can even maintain your paint, fixtures, and walls in better shape.

Keeping commercial bathrooms pleasant is just as important as residential. Visiting customers and employees both will appreciate the comfort and pleasantness of an inline exhaust fan. Our systems can be rigged for continuous duty, while running quietly and efficiently. They keep your public bathrooms pleasant even during heavy use periods, allowing your business to maintain a professional, classy appearance.

Brooklyn Fans has been providing full service exhaust equipment needs to all the boroughs for a century, and our experts prove that every time they work with our customers. Check out our inline exhaust fan systems at our website, and let us help make your bathrooms better today.

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