Get Ready for Summer With Residential AC Installation in Loughman FL

by | Jun 6, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

For two-thirds of the year the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system is mostly used for light cooling requirements or heating the home. However, those few months of summer when the temperatures are in the extremes the AC portion of this appliance gets a real workout. Unfortunately, this kind of effort can be hazardous to the system and even the best appliance can fail under a heavy load. Sometimes, it may be possible to have the unit repaired, but an aging HVAC may force the need for Residential AC Installation in Loughman FL.

An HVAC can fail for a number of reasons. For instance, the condenser may wear out or one of the coils could spring a leak. An air conditioner functions by removing heat and this is done by compressing a chemical refrigerant. The compression forces the chemical into a state change and one aspect of this change is the temperature level of the chemical, it is lowered. A lower temperature means the refrigerant can collect heat, which it does when cycled through the evaporator coil. The next stage of the cycle is moving the heat outdoors where it can be released via the condenser coil. This final release actually changes the chemical state again so the cycle can continue.

One reason that people may need to consider Residential AC Installation in Loughman FL is that refrigerants change. Developments in current refrigeration methods now use a chemical known as R-410A, which replaces the older R-22. Unfortunately, R-410A is not compatible with older equipment, and this means that a failing HVAC may need to be replaced when expensive repairs are required.

One thing to consider when purchasing a new HVAC is maintenance. Every appliance will need minimal maintenance at least once each year. For a better chance at getting the most out of this expensive purchase, a smart property owner will have the appliance serviced twice a year. That is, the furnace should have its annual service in the late fall or early winter to reduce hazards from accumulated dust, and the AC should be serviced in the early spring. Cleaning the AC before it is put into heavy use helps to protect components such as the condenser. Contact the experts at Watts AC to learn more.

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