Getting Good Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Lakewood

by | Dec 28, 2023 | HVAC Contractor

Is your AC not cooling your home effectively? Is your furnace producing strange smells? Whether you have a troubling AC system or a broken furnace, you can be helped. Consider a HVAC contractor in Lakewood.

Great Air Conditioning Services

Your AC system is especially important during the hottest months. If you are noticing warm spots in certain sections of your home, seek a Lakewood HVAC contractor. A licensed technician can come to your home and perform a free evaluation. He can perform a multi-point inspection and thus inspect from the air vents to the thermostat. Your system may just need a tune-up. Or it may need to be replaced. Your air conditioner should be replaced if it is more than 15 years old. There are also duct cleaning services. These services can add years of life to your system.

The Important Heating Services

You need a well-functioning furnace during winter. If your furnace is causing you problems, consider a Lakewood HVAC contractor. There are from maintenance to replacement services. The technician can inspect from the grills to the blower. He will also inspect a tune-up for safety reasons. So the pilot and thermostat will be checked. A furnace that has rust, however, should be replaced. A new system can save you more money in the long term. There are services for furnaces that operate on gas and electricity.

There are also indoor air quality services. So you can request air filters or UV germicidal lights. If you would like to learn more, contact WeatherWise Heating & Cooling, Inc. today.

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