Great Filter-Changing Tips for Air Conditioners in Omaha NE

by | Nov 14, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Airborne substances such as foul odors, candle soot, sneeze debris, dust, and pollen can have a negative impact on a personal living environment. These substances can make household occupants uncomfortable and seriously impact the health of respiratory patients. To minimize exposure to these contaminants, it’s beneficial to change the AC filter at least once a month. These tips can help a homeowner with this task.

Locate the Filter Compartment

To change an AC filter, locate the filter compartment. This is usually located within the return air register or the air handler. This gives the filter a chance to capture particles before the air enters the air conditioner. A filter compartment may also be located on the air handler. The filter compartment may have a cover with fasteners. However, some Air Conditioners in Omaha NE have insertion compartments. These areas don’t have covers and are fairly easy to locate.

Clean Reusable Filter

A filter can be disposable or reusable. Take the disposable filter outside. Place it in a proper receptacle until it’s thrown away. Use the hand attachment of a vacuum to suction out the filter compartment. Remove surface debris from a reusable filter with the same vacuum. Use a household cleaner to clean the reusable filter. Rinse the filter off with a garden hose and allow to dry.

Buy a New Disposable Filter

It’s beneficial to have a new disposable filter ready to replace the old disposable filter. However, a homeowner can use the measurements on the old filter to purchase a replacement filter. When these measurements are not readable, simply use a tape measure to find the depth, length, and width. Consider the MERV rating when buying a filter. A higher MERV rating means a filter is able to capture smaller particles in larger numbers. It’s recommended to purchase a filter with a minimum MERV rating of 6 or greater.

By using these simple suggestions, a homeowner can perform a regular AC maintenance task productively. Filter changing helps improve indoor air quality and serves to make a home more comfortable. For information on services for Air Conditioners in Omaha NE, please Browse website of Accurate Heating & Cooling. This company strives to handle superior services for valued customers.

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