Having Air Conditioner Service in Derby KS Done To Do Routine Maintenance

by | Aug 18, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

When someone has a central air conditioning system in their home, they will need to take the necessary steps in keeping it maintained, so it works without incident. Most people call on an Air Conditioner Service in Derby KS to handle this work as they will be able to do the procedures quickly and without error. Here are some of the steps that need to be done to keep a central air conditioning system in the best of shape.

It is important that the outdoor condenser is cleaned out at the end of the summer, so it works again for the following season. An air conditioning repair service would have the proper equipment needed to thoroughly remove any debris that accumulated inside this portion of the system. They would do an inspection of the internal components to make sure they are working properly as well. After the interior is cleaned, the condenser should be covered, so pests do not make their way inside during the off-season. This also keeps the condenser free of additional debris caused by snow or ice accumulation during winter months.

After the condenser is cleaned out, the air conditioning service will take a look at the evaporator. Many units have covers over this portion of the unit, making it necessary for a service dealing with air conditioning clean outs to come to remove it so it can be cleaned out properly. This removes dirt from the coils, allowing the unit to run with maximum efficiency. The tubing that directs water from the evaporator to the water pump will need to be removed and cleaned out completely, so algae does not grow inside during the wintertime. This will also improve the performance of the system during the summertime months. The repair service would also swap the filter at this time with a new one.

At the end of summer, it is best to call a company that does air conditioner service in Derby KS to do maintenance steps. Call Kelley and Dawson Service to schedule an appointment or to get an estimate for repair work or maintenance if needed.

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