Heating And Air in Derby, KS Will Keep Your Home Comfortable

by | Apr 20, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Remaining comfortable throughout the year begins with regular maintenance and inspections on your heating and cooling system. Early detection of small problems will eliminate large and costly repairs in the future. In addition, a homeowner’s energy costs will be lower when either type of system is operating at peak performance. One service call is much easier than two, and now that winter appears to have left, now is a great time to have both systems checked before the summer heat and humidity arrive. The best part is when a homeowner has their heating and air in Derby, KS checked now, they’ll be ready for trouble-free heat when the chill in the air arrives in the fall.

Another benefit of routine maintenance and inspection of a home’s Heating And Air in Derby KS is it will extend the life of the unit. Failing to regularly replace air filters, check the belts, blower motor, condenser, drain tube and electrical connections could cause damage to a unit. A furnace that has a cracked heat exchanger could cause a fire or release harmful carbon monoxide into a home that can cause hospitalization and even death. Knowing now that there’s a problem with a furnace will give a homeowner a chance to get an estimate and determine the best course of action to take before the winter months arrive again.

An air conditioning system could have a leak with the cooling liquid, and electrical connections can become loose during operation. The drain tube for the water an air conditioning system produces can become clogged and cause the system to malfunction. Ductwork should be sealed tightly so no hot or cold air is wasted in areas it’s not intended for. Replacing a heating or cooling system can be expensive and extending its life can save a homeowner money. Dealing with a reputable heating and cooling company can eliminate a guessing game about whether the system will have major problems in the future.

When you’re interested in staying warm during the winter and cool during the summer, preventive maintenance will definitely help. Contact Kelley and Dawson Service when your heating and cooling system needs to be replaced, inspected or repaired.

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