A Heating Contractor in Neenah WI Helps Prevent Crawl Space Plumbing Pipes From Freezing

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Homeowners can take steps to prevent plumbing pipes in crawl spaces from freezing, and a Heating Contractor in Neenah WI can provide a solution for times when temperatures really plummet. That solution comes in the form of a vent inside the crawl space at the end of a heating pipe. Someone in the household can pull the cap off the pipe or open the vent the day before forecasters predict bitterly cold weather.

Harsh Winter Weather

Winters in this region can be long and harsh. Some record-breaking moments have included weeks when the temperature never rose above freezing, and when temperatures stayed below zero for several days straight.

Normally, ductwork under the house stops the pipes from freezing. Duct pipes should have been installed so they are close to the plumbing pipes and their exterior warmth keeps the area just above freezing in the winter. That doesn’t necessarily work during the coldest days of the year, however.

Opening and Closing the Vent

It’s crucial to remember to restore the vent to its closed position once the temperature rises or heating bills will be pointlessly high. A simple vent that can be opened and closed by pushing a lever is the easiest solution. However, a cap over the end of the pipe, as installed by a Heating Contractor in Neenah WI, more effectively blocks heat from escaping when the vent is not needed. That cap must be totally removed and later put back in place each time.

Other Tips

To keep pipes from freezing when temperatures are not particularly balmy but not exceptionally harsh, foam can be installed around the pipes in the crawl space as insulation. Ideally, everyone in this region with a crawl space would have this kind of pipe insulation.

Electrical heat tape, also known as heat trace cable, added to the pipes is another possibility. However, it requires plugging in to an electrical outlet, and many people are uncomfortable about having this equipment plugged in for several days and not being able to keep a close eye on it.

The crawl space heat vent provides extra peace of mind. To obtain an estimate, homeowners may Contact Bob’s Quality Heating And Cooling.

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