How to Ensure Your HVAC in Lake Forest Runs Efficiently Year-Round

by | Nov 16, 2023 | Heating & Cooling

Most of the energy your home uses comes from heating and cooling. When you take steps to improve the efficiency of your HVAC in Lake Forest, you spend less keeping your home comfortable. Check out these tips for boosting efficiency.

Keep Up With Filter Changes

All HVAC systems use filters. Some systems have reusable filters that require periodic cleaning, but most households have systems that use replaceable filters. You should replace your HVAC filter every 30-90 days, depending on the filter type, household size, and whether smoking is allowed inside. Clean filters help your HVAC run better, reduce wear and tear on the unit, and keep your indoor air quality within acceptable ranges.

Schedule Prompt Repairs

It’s natural to want to hold on to your hard-earned money, which is why many people put off repairs. However, doing so can cause more problems and result in your HVAC using more energy to do its job. Most HVAC problems, when repaired early, cost less than $500. Compare that to the cost of a new system, which can run thousands of dollars, and you can see the value in getting prompt repairs.

Purchase a Maintenance Package

Many HVAC companies offer professional maintenance packages. These packages include fall and spring tune-ups to ensure your heating and cooling units are clean, calibrated, and in good shape to deliver efficient performance. Additional benefits of maintenance packages include preferred scheduling and discounted labor.

Would you like to ensure your HVAC in Lake Forest runs efficiently year-round? Get in touch with Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Corp.

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