How to Prepare for New HVAC Installation with an HVAC Company in St. Charles County MO

by | Oct 23, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning

An HVAC Company in St. Charles County MO helps residential and commercial building owners turn their buildings into comfort zones. Welsch Heating and Cooling assemble high-quality consumer products with precision. There’s an unbelievable selection of systems to choose from with attributes to fit every customer’s preference.

There are ways to prepare for a new installation that assist in finding the right system. Contractors for an HVAC Company in St. Charles County MO administer tests that measure a building’s insulation capabilities. An insulation leak test finds the areas where the most air seeps out of a building. This test can locate cool spots where temperatures are lower. This test can provide a great deal of help. A home that is poorly insulated to begin with might make it so the HVAC system is less efficient.

System performance is reliant on maintenance and using the machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Clean air filters remove airborne toxins that can be pushed through vents when the machine is running. Ducts that never get cleaned makes the air less breathable. Allergens can filtrate the air and remain there for a long time. Mold can grow in dirty ducts with spores releasing into the air.

When an HVAC system is malfunctioning, Welsch Heating and Cooling renders punctual emergency service. Even a few hours without conditioned air can make the atmosphere miserable. Systems that aren’t working properly are inspected to find the exact cause. When the source of the problem is found, repairs can be made with the most accuracy.

HVAC systems come in three major designs: hybrid split systems, split systems, and packaged systems. Split systems have a unit outdoors and one inside. Evaporator coils send air to different rooms in the building. Hybrid split systems have heat pumps that only use a moderate amount of electricity to generate thermal energy. It uses heat with optimal efficiency by transporting it from one place to another. It can be used to heat and cool a building. Packaged systems consolidate all parts into one smaller unit for places that don’t have as much space to spare. The systems are just as powerful as those with multiple pieces of equipment.

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