How to Properly Maintain Your Heating in Franklin TN

by | Mar 14, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Maintaining a heating system is crucial for its proper operation. When a heater fails, it is most often due to a lack of maintenance which leads to failing parts. It is important homeowners are able to carry out the important heater maintenance steps so they can ensure their Heating in Franklin TN will be working when they need it the most. With these steps and a professional HVAC technician, homeowners can rest assured their system remains at its prime working order.

• One of the most important steps a homeowner can take to maintain their Heating in Franklin TN is to keep the filters changed. Changing the filters on a regular basis is such a small step but one that pays off in a big way. When a heater cannot properly circulate air, it can begin to overheat and fail. This is often one of the reasons heater fires occur. Ideally, heater filters should be changed every thirty days or more often when they become dirty.

• The moving components of a heater need to be properly maintained or they will begin to experience problems. This part of the maintenance of a system will likely need to be handled by a professional since it may require the heater to be partially disassembled. The moving parts need to be properly lubricated and checked for wear and tear once a year to ensure the heater continues working properly.

• The blower needs to be cleaned on a regular basis since dust can begin to clog it. This is a fairly easy process to carry out, but one should refer to their owner’s manual to ensure they are carrying out the steps properly.

• It is important homeowners vacuum the dust and debris from all of their registers at least once a month. Clogged registers can impede the airflow and cause overheating in the system. This issue can also cause the energy rates of homeowners to go higher.

If you are in need of maintenance and repairs for your heater, contact Springhill Heating & Cooling. They are the heating repair specialists homeowners can fully rely on to keep their heaters working properly so their homes can be warm and inviting during the winter.

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