How to Select the Correct Air Filters for Your Naperville Home

by | Oct 15, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning

One of the first things that AC professionals tell homeowners is to change their air filters because they are the first line of defense against the dirt, dust, pollen and dander that is blown into a house. They also facilitate airflow through the home. Keeping them changed extends the life of an HVAC unit. However, there are dozens of types of air filters out there. What’s the difference in quality between cheap and expensive air filters?

Consider the Home

If you have a small home, such as a one-bedroom cottage, and you have no pets, then a cheaper filter would do the same job as an expensive filter. If you’re not asthmatic or have allergies, then you could go with a cheaper filter. It’s the thickness of the filter as well as the capability of being washed or reused that makes a cheaper filter viable in these particular circumstances.

Consider the Pollutants

Homes with pollinating trees around them, pets with long hair or smokers in the house require deeper filtration. Many of the more expensive air filters in Naperville are constructed to catch pollutants of microscopic size. These are known as HEPA or high-efficiency particulate air filters. They’re the most expensive, but they also last a long time.

Consider Thickness and MERV Rating

Thicker filters catch more pollutants than their thinner or less closely woven brethren. For instance, a one-inch filter will become clogged faster than a four-inch filter and will have to be replaced more often. Thicker air filters are slightly more expensive but within an affordable range for most homeowners.

Homeowners using a too high of a rating will find their power bills suffering mightily because the unit works harder to pump air into the house. A rating of nine to 12 catches over 85% of household contaminants. Contact our professionals at Business Name. to learn more about air filters in Naperville.

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