How J & S AIR INC Helps Homeowners

by | Jul 17, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

In Texas, air conditioning and heating services provide invaluable options. The options include standard maintenance for the units as well as necessary repairs. A technician can advise the owner about replacement components and when it is time to replace the system. J & S AIR INC provides these services in Texas for all local homeowners.

Assessing the Units and Performance Levels

The technicians perform vital testing for the units. They review the results to ensure the systems are operating properly. The tests determine whether or not the thermostat is assessing the room temperature properly. The tests determine what replacement parts are required to improve the performance levels of the units. This enables the technician to provide the owner with a cost estimate for services.

Reviewing Possible Leaks

The technicians conduct leak testing as well. This is necessary for heating systems that operate using gas. The technicians must also assess air conditioning units for refrigerant leaks as well. The products can present dangerous conditions for the property owner as well as the environment. The technician must follow all EPA regulations when managing any form of gas or refrigerant. They can also provide detectors for the property owner for carbon monoxide emissions to mitigate further risks.

Saving the Homeowner Money

The homeowner can acquire amazing savings by scheduling maintenance services earlier. For example, the technicians can conduct cleaning services in late spring to eliminate any debris that has accumulated in the unit. The services mitigate common conditions that lead to motor failure in air conditioners. The services can prevent common damage to major components and help the owner avoid costly repairs.

Improving Energy Costs

When systems operate properly, they don’t consume too much energy. This lowers the costs for homeowners. For some homeowners, this could provide them with affordable cooling services through the summer.

In Texas, air conditioning and heating services offer solutions for homeowners. The solutions could help them to avoid excessive repair costs and reduce utility expenses. The solutions can also prevent common health risks associated with gas emissions. Property owners who need to schedule the services can contact J & S AIR INC directly or visit for more information today.

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