Keeping Electric Bills Low After AC Installations

by | Nov 11, 2021 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Central AC installations near Egg Harbor Township, don’t mean that homeowners have to run the air conditioning whenever the exterior temperature reaches a certain level. There are many ways to save on electric bills and not feel the need to run the air conditioning as much as the neighbors do. For instance, keeping curtains, blinds, or drapes closed on windows where the sun shines in keeps the house cooler. Some people don’t really like this because they enjoy natural light and this makes the home’s interior darker, but doing so on hot days can make a noticeable difference in energy savings.

Using certain strategies regarding when to open and close windows is also effective. People who are home throughout the day may like to leave windows open until the heat becomes somewhat unbearable. However, that may allow the interior to become so warm that the central air must work significantly harder to cool the house down. It’s best to decide on a specific temperature at which to close the windows and allow the air conditioner to turn on. At night, if the temperature outside drops enough, opening the windows allows cool air to come in and lets homeowners shut off the central air. In a way, this seems like an obvious strategy, but it’s surprising how many people don’t do it after getting AC installations near Egg Harbor Township.

Sticking to a cooking schedule also keeps energy bills lower after having central air installed by a company such as McAllister…The Service Company. The home’s residents might decide not to cook at all on the hottest days or, perhaps, only use the microwave. Barbecuing outdoors is another option. Avoiding use of the large oven is important, and so is choosing not to cook anything on the stove that creates steam and increases the humidity. If possible, cooking with the main appliance early in the morning or later at night is best. The items can be reheated in the microwave or eaten cold later on if that is suitable. Homeowners who have been thinking about air conditioning installation may visit for more information or you can check their BBB ratings.

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