Why the Location of Your Air Conditioning Unit Is Vital

by | Jul 4, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Although you may prefer an air conditioning unit to be placed on a specific wall within your property, you should listen to the advice of the experts, those installing the unit, who have the knowledge and experience to know where the air-conditioning will work most efficiently and effectively in your home or office.

One Central Unit or Individual Rooms?

Depending upon your budget, your original choices and perhaps, what existed before, you will have to decide about purchasing one central unit for your entire property or adding air conditioning units to the rooms you wish to cool at certain times of the year.

The experts will explain that the location of your AC unit will define how efficiently it works on your property. You may prefer to leave the unit out of sight, but where this is not the most efficient position, you should listen to the advice given to you.

Where the circumstances are correct, your air conditioning experts will suggest that the system is located centrally on your property so that you can reduce your energy costs. You are saving money by reducing the amount and distance of cold air that must be forced around your property.

The system you choose must be effective to be able to more than cope with the temperatures that you require inside your property at any time of the year.

Where you choose a system that can only just manage to keep your property cool enough when it is very hot, your air conditioning may be working to its maximum capacity. When it needs to achieve this temperature over long periods, you may be wearing out your system too quickly.

When your system is working too hard, you will be using an excess of energy and your utility bills will increase rapidly.

Where you install a system that can easily cope with any work you are going to expect it to achieve, your annual repair and maintenance costs will be reduced.

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