Maintain Dependable Cooling by Scheduling an Air Conditioning Service in Oahu

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Air Conditioning Contractors

Air conditioning systems don’t last forever, and whether you cool your home with a central system or an indoor, ductless unit, you’ll need maintenance at one point or another. Regular maintenance can actually extend the life of your unit, so don’t hesitate to schedule an air conditioning service with your local professionals.

When to Schedule

Most people wait until their system quits working to call a technician, but it’s often wise to do so before that happens.

In addition to repairing broken parts, technicians inspect and tune up your system so that it operates with greater efficiency. So, if you are heading into the warmer months or suspect that your system is underperforming, requesting an air conditioning service in Oahu is the best way to uncover issues and restore indoor comfort.

What Do Your Technicians Do?

There are many parts that make up an air conditioner, some of which involve gas and electricity. A well-trained technician will know how to safely operate on each one, and during an air conditioning service, they are likely to do all of the following:

  • Check refrigerant levels and test for leaks
  • Properly remove excess refrigerant
  • Check for major air leakage in duct systems
  • Measure the airflow coming through the coils
  • Clean and tighten electrical connections
  • Check for wear on motors and related parts
  • Check the thermostat for functionality

At Air Source Air Conditioning, your technicians inform you of any issues and let you know what your options are as far as repair. In extreme cases, you will need to replace the unit, and your air conditioning company will have several different products available.

As experts, they can get you the best system for your cooling needs and make sure that it gets installed correctly.

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