Make Your Commercial HVAC in St. Louis, MO More Efficient

by | Apr 6, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Thermal comfort is important regardless of season, but being comfortable indoors can sometimes be difficult as numerous factors affect the air coming from an HVAC system. To eliminate things that can negatively affect a unit’s efficiency, business owners can follow the tips listed below.

Improve Insulation

Buildings can lose cool air in a variety of ways, and the best way to fight it is to increase the building’s insulation. Consider installing double-glazed windows, insulated doors, and adding more insulation to ceilings and walls.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Every business has a routine, and people come and go at certain times. Business owners can save by installing a programmable thermostat to switch the unit on only when the building is occupied. By having Commercial HVAC in St. Louis MO run on autopilot, owners can save significantly on monthly cooling costs.

Get the System Serviced

Though it may seem to be a bothersome expense, business owners can save by having HVAC units maintained on a regular basis. Courtney’s Heating & Cooling can spot small problems before they become large ones, and they can sometimes eliminate the need for system replacement. Regular maintenance can improve a unit’s efficiency, resulting in lower bills overall.

Close Doors and Windows

If a room is being cooled, any external influence on its temperature can cause the system to have a reduced or negative impact. A system that overcompensates can waste money and negate the effort put into maintaining a comfortable temperature. Fight this by keeping windows and doors closed to keep hot air out.

Turn it Off

A common myth states that keeping the HVAC unit on at all times will result in lower utility bills. The reasoning behind this is that costs increase when starting the unit and getting the building to an ideal temperature. However, units are actually at peak efficiency as they start.

Update Equipment

As with other things in life, using damaged or old Commercial Hvac in St. Louis MO will provide substandard results. At the best, the business owner will spend more to operate an inefficient HVAC system. At the worst, the system will fail, and replacement can be expensive. Owners and managers can save on replacement costs by having evaluations and upgrades done periodically.

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